email recycleOn the Neon Guild mailing list somewhere in the heart of Charlottesville, Virginia (or the surrounding counties), an errant post inquired about the after-market for used email. Out of this tongue in cheek question coupled with our founder’s desire to crawl into a hole and never have another social interaction, rrremail was born.

Like so many of us, our founder faced social fatigue and the desire to free himself from the rigors of relationships, whether they be social, emotional, ideological, professional, or matrimonial.

But to quote a 90s aphorism, “his pain is your gain.”  rrremail is your chance to get back to wasting time watching TV or playing video games. Who wants to reconnect with old friends or answer a boss’ questions about why you haven’t been at work for three weeks? Let go of your first-world problems and be free with rrremail!

The Three r’s

threersIt’s not because remail.com was taken, nor because rremail.com was taken. No, it’s because we believe in environmental friendliness and green initiatives. Why create completely new email when you can just reuse email you’ve already written? The three r’s of rrremail are reduce. reuse. remail. Save the Planet. Start rrremail-ing today.